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Global Education Services is an organisation which was formed to help and support students who wish to study abroad by providing placement in a university or college of their choice and which is most appropriate for them. We have a commitment to higher education as an achievable goal for all and we help students to find the best possible place to explore their talents and attain their potential. GES is a solution-oriented company, which assists in tailoring career pathways to suit individual profiles within the constraints that may prevail in each case. The constraints may be educational, financial or personal.

Perspective Development

GES started operating in New Zealand in late 2008 with a focus purely on potential South East Asian market and India Sub-continent. The location of company is ideal for the time to time information as and when required by the students and a great relief and ease to the post placement info which is a unique feature so far.

The base in New Zealand itself helps the students once they arrive in here and at times need assistance in various matters being away from their homeland. Another added advantage of GES is the fact that the whole work force of the company at the moment consist of those who have successfully completed their education within New Zealand so equipped to give the accurate info and feedback to the aspiring students.

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