Long term growth predicted for PERU

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The Republic of Peru is fairly new to the global education sector but as one of the fastest growing economies in Latin America, it holds much promise for the future.

To learn more about market opportunities, ICEF Monitor sits down with Carolina Cardoso fromC2M Marketing & Eventos, a boutique company based in Brazil which specialises in trade shows, events and market research. Mrs Cardoso explains that now is the right time to enter the Peruvian market and invest in laying the groundwork and establishing your brand, so that those connections will pay off in two or three year’s time.

As the capital, Lima is the main city of interest for international student recruitment. The biggest demand at present is for language courses, and in terms of degrees, courses in mining, engineering, and construction are popular.

As we reported last year, Peru is investing more than US $136 million in science and technology(S&T) and 1,000 new S&T postgraduate fellowships will be made available by 2016, as well as 1,500 scholarships for Peruvian students at foreign universities.

Peruvian’s favourite countries are the classic study destinations such as UK, Australia, US and Canada. Most students feel that, given Peru’s healthy economy, there are great opportunities at home for those who have distinguished themselves through studying abroad, so Peruvians prefer to return home following their education overseas.

But the country still has a long way to go. Its economy has been described as “a mash-up of strengths and weaknesses” with government figures reporting an average growth of 6.4% a year from 2002-12, figures certainly admirable but not necessarily sustainable.

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