Brazil launches first MOOC-style MBA

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Veduca, a Brazilian education tech company, has launched the world’s first open online MBA in Engineering and Innovation, which will begin on 5 November. Content will be delivered in Portugese through video classes from Brazil’s leading engineering schools while also offering a certificate programme for those who wish to pay.


The certificate will be recognised by the Brazilian Ministry of Education.

“We have received very good feedback from different employer companies in Brazil, who would like to use this tool for in-company training for the employees,” Carlos Souza, CEO of Veduca, toldThe PIE News.

This privately-funded initiative is Souza’s latest addition to what he calls a “democratic model of education.” After launching in 2012, Veduca has marketed the open course movement across Brazil by adding Portuguese subtitles to content from foreign universities in order to make them more accessible.

A two-year MBA program in Brazil typically costs US$30,000. Students studying with Veduca can expect to pay around 25% of what a traditional MBA of a similar quality would chargePayment plans include 18 monthly instalments of R$369.00, bringing the total to R$6,642.00 (US$3000).

In addition to a government-recognised certificate, fees will also cover individual tutoring and subject support. UniSEB University Center, a distance learning service provider in Brazil, has partnered with Veduca to oversee the paid for certification process.

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