When do I need to apply?

Apply as soon as possible, although applications can be processed even if you decide to apply late but its advisable to apply atleast three to four months in advance as most of the universities have deadline for applications and there are always a large no. of applicants for all the universities so applying in advance is the key to secure your place.

How long it will take to get an answer from the University?

We can sometimes get an answer in as quick as 24 hours as long as student has given us all the necessary documents required. In average however , most applications usually take at most two to four weeks to responded to. It also depends upon your profile all positive profile applicants will get quicker response as compared to the not so suitable profile applicants.

What offers will I receive?

Offers from Universities and colleges can be conditional or unconditional. Conditional offer require the applicant to obtain certain grades or points for eg: required grades or points in TOEFL/IELTS/GRE/GMAT. Unconditional offer means that applicant has satisfied the entry requirements for the course.
TIP: you should not accept an offer if you do not want to go there - it can be tricky we do not expect a snap decision; you will have atleast two to four weeks to think about it.

What are the necessary documents required?

In order for a student to apply for a University abroad the following documents are required:

All academic transcripts

A personal statement

Two reference letters based on which University you apply for

English Language profeciency result i.e: IELTS/TOEFL etc

Passport copy

Filled application form where required

Some universities might have other specific requirements which you will come to know when you select one and GLOBAL will help you out with all the assistance required.

What Institutions does GLOBAL represent?

GLOBAL represents a broad range of Institutions throughout the globe. We work on our policy of GLOBAL VISION for students from any part of the globe, which means if it exists we will assist you to get there.

What type of subjects can I apply for?

Virtually any, though Medicine and Dentistry are incredibly competitive.
Make sure you choose your options wisely and GLOBAL can help you where required.

How easy it is to get a student visa to study abroad?

Student visas generally are evaluated based on three factors:
  1. Course related to your previous academics or work experience
  2. Financial capability to manage your course expenses
  3. English Language profeciency

Other than this there is one other important criteria:
  1. Good character and meeting Health requirements

Based on above factors if you meet all criteria you are considered to be a positive profile applicant and you will get your student visa hassle free. Comparatively student visas are quite easy than other categories of visas and if the students have all required papers in place its more or less a formal procedure and you will not have any problems getting your visas in time.

What does it cost to study abroad?

This depends upon the course you are studying, at what level and at what institution. It can also depend on where you live in New Zealand, Canada or Australia as some areas are more expensive than others. If you have family or friends at your destination country it may save you some money on living expenses later on but initially you have to budget and plan according to what they call average living expense of any destination. Course fees will be discussed with you on individual basis when you plan to apply. For the latest information on average living expenses of any particular destination contact GESL.

Can I get a scholarship?

We keep prospective students updated about scholarships, it mostly depends on academic merit.
Most Universities have specific critera for the scholarship and it is always advisable to apply ahead of time if you are opting for any scholarship.

Can I pay my tution fees by Instalments?

It depends on which institution and which country as some countries have requirements that you have to pay full years fee to get visa granted.
Some colleges/Universities offer some discounts to students who pay the whole of the first year tution fees in advance of enrolment at their institution.

Can I defer my entry to a subsequent intake?

This is usually possible, but you should state your itention to do so in writing as soon as possible.

Can I change course when I arrive?

It may be possible to change courses within the University in which you are studying but it will not normally be possible to change institutions except in exceptional circumstances.
You should always choose what you want to study carefully as changing courses later do need Immigration approval as well as your visa is granted on the circumstances earlier and if circumstances change Immigration needs to be aware of that so its not just the University but Immigration as well involved. Also it depends on your country of study as policies vary from country to country.

Recognittion of qualifications?

Much work has been done with the countries leading in terms of Global/Higher education and around the globe to improve the transparency and portability of qualifications, and both for work and study you should be able to get recognition for a degree undertaken abroad.
However, particularly where recognition is required from professional bodies or government, you would be well advised to seek advice from your government accreditation authority before starting of your studies.

Opportunities for work or study abroad as part of any degree in the host countries (Australia/Canada/New Zealand)?

If you are studyig for a degree in any one of these countries but want an opportunity to study or work in another country as part of your programme, you will find an increasingly large range of options are available to you. An international qualification makes you ready for the global market which is the requirement of any potential employer in todays world. You can always know more about the options available to you after completion of your qualification which you are planning to pursue abroad. As the options are so vast that it is not feasible to describe in a nutshell we would advise you to gather more and programme specific information by contacting us and our friendly team will guide you through various options available for you.

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